100 days of Barry O'Fail.

By: John Robertson

Premier O'Farrell has spent his first 100 days in Government doing everything he said he wouldn’t – attacking worker rights, proposing retrospective legislation and avoiding independent scrutiny.

Opposition Leader John Robertson marked the Government's first 100 days at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital with nurses whose wages and conditions are under threat from the Premier's unprecedented workplace laws.

"It has been 100 days of failures from the O'Farrell Government," Opposition Leader John Robertson said.

"The Premier has failed to deliver on the basic promises he made in his contract with NSW families.

"The O'Farrell Government spent its first 100 days attacking public sector worker's rights, making retrospective changes to the solar bonus scheme and failing to deliver on the Premier's promises of transparency and accountability.

"Despite promising to lead an open and accountable Government, the Premier has arrogantly tried to use every trick in the book to avoid independent scrutiny on public sector wages, his fictional budget black hole and the solar bonus scheme figures.

"Instead of acting on promises to address the cost of living, the new Government passed an 18 per cent increase in electricity prices onto families and won't begin new family energy rebate payments until July 2012.

"Barry O'Farrell set the bar so low in his 100 Day Action Plan it's no surprise he was able to meet most of his targets.

"Of the 39 tasks in the 100 Day Plan, 22 were to set up a taskforce, introduce legislation, make a political appointment or start a review.

"At the end of the day, most of the targets in Barry O'Farrell's 100 Day Plan required the Premier or Minister to hand a piece of paper to a bureaucrat.

"Mr O'Farrell should not be impressed with the fact he has managed to appoint a Parliamentary Secretary for Renewable Energy – all that required was for the Premier to close his eyes, spin around and point at one of his MPs."

In addition to lying about public sector workers, solar bonus scheme contracts and a transparent era of Government, the Premier's broken promises from the 100 Day Plan include:

Failing to enact campaign finance reform legislation; Failing to begin implementation of the Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan; Failing to progress with negotiations on the M5 widening; and Failing to appoint a Small Business Commissioner.