A dose of reality please! 6 Green Senators do not make a government!

by Hugh McDermott

This afternoon the newly elected Senators from the 2010 Federal Election took their place at the Commonwealth Parliament.  Amid howls of ridiculous comments from the far left that the Greens would soon replace the Labor Party as the main left party in Australia to Conservative and  right wing commentators declaring that Bob Brown was the new Prime Minister.......what a load of crap from a bunch of clowns!

Lets look at the facts....there are 150 members of the House of Representatives.  Of which only 1, yes one, is a Green.  In the Senate, there are 76 Senators, of which only 9 are Greens.  The Greens represent less than 4.4% percent of the Commonwealth Parliament.  In electorate numbers (i.e. people that voted for them as a first preference) they represent less then 12 % of the Australian electorate.  They do not represent the majority of Australians and they certainly do not represent a threat to either the Labor Party, or the Liberals, or in any other political party.

They should be treated as the side show that they are.

A decade ago we saw the influence of the Australian Democrats peak and then start to decline.  The Democrats had far more of an agenda and party platform than the Greens....however they are now gone due to their infighting and double standards.  Thank god.  In time the Greens will go the same way.

The Labor Party is a movement that has constantly adapted and changed to match its membership and its progressive social democratic agenda.  This is its strength, and at time its weakness.  The Gillard Government continues to face some considerable obstacles to its reform agenda - including that of the often ridiculous policy position of the Greens - however the reform agenda continues and will ultimately be successful.  This is because the Labor Party is a Government and will continue to be one regardless of the whims of a fringe party.