All except nine of the Baird Government’s 73 Liberal and National members of parliament receive additional salary and allowances above the base parliamentary pay.



Analysis by NSW Labor’s Wastewatch Committee shows top-up payments to the 64 Liberal and National Members range in size from $214,920 (the Premier) to $19,160 for a Committee Chair.

A breakdown of the extra payments to 64 MPs shows:

 22 Ministers

 16 Parliamentary Secretaries

 17 Committee Chairs

 5 Presiding Officers

 3 Whips

 1 Public Accounts Committee Member

Since the 2011 election, the Coalition Government has doubled the number of Parliamentary Secretaries from 8 to 16, increased the number of Ministers by two and appointed a host of Liberal and National Members as Chair of a Committee.

Over the current four-year term of the Parliament the Liberal and National Parliamentary Secretaries will receive upwards of $2 million in additional salary and allowances, while the 17 Coalition Committee Chairs will cost at least $1.5 million.

The total top-up bill to taxpayers for Parliamentary Secretaries and Committee Chairs alone will be at least $3.5 million.

The unlucky nine Coalition MPs who miss out are Peter Phelps MLC having resigned as whip last week, Shayne Mallard MLC, Lou Amato MLC, Kevin Connolly MP, Michael Gallacher MLC, Eleni Petinos MP, Adam Crouch MP, Scott Farlow MLC, Kevin Humphries MP and Peter Phelps MLC.

All members of the Legislative Assembly (LA) and Legislative Council (LC) receive a base salary of $153,280. The electoral allowance for LA members starts at $46,325 while LC members receive $54,250.


Quotes attributable to Opposition Wastewatch Chair, Dr Hugh McDermott


"The gravy train for Mike Baird’s MPs is fully loaded and running at max speed.


"Liberal and National Party MPs are doing quite nicely despite the fact their government is sending public sector jobs offshore, assets and departments are being sold off on mass and TAFE is being decimated.


"Questions really need to be asked what some of the Parliamentary Secretaries and Committee Chairs are doing to earn this extra money.


"6 of the 16 Parliamentary Secretaries had published zero media releases in relation to their portfolio.


"Some of the Committees haven’t produced a report since the election more than a year ago.


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