Anita Cobby 30th Memorial Charity Dinner

Dr HUGH McDERMOTT (Prospect) [1.27 p.m.]: On Tuesday 2 February 2016, the Anita Cobby 30th Anniversary Memorial Charity Dinner was held at Blacktown Workers Club. The goal of the dinner was to raise funds towards building Grace's Place. Simon Bouda from Channel 9 and Kathryn Szyszka, Anita Cobby's sister, were guests of honour and speakers. A number of moving speeches were also made by members of the Homicide Victims Support Group. Money raised on the night will contribute to the project Grace's Place, which is a facility to be built and operated by the Homicide Victims Support Group to help those left behind after a murder, especially children. This is a world-first initiative for families affected by homicide.

The facility will offer safe and secure refuge with professional counsellors on site to help the families through their devastation and grieving. Before their deaths Anita's mum and dad, the late Grace and Garry Lynch, always requested that "something good come out of something bad". The establishment of Grace's Place will honour that request. The dinner highlighted the campaign to prevent violence against women and also Grace and Garry's work with the Homicide Victims Support Group. I congratulate the dinner organisers.

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