Bossley Park Public School 125th Anniversary

Dr HUGH McDERMOTT (Prospect) [1.22 p.m.]: I congratulate Bossley Park Public School on celebrating its 125th anniversary this year. We recognise Bossley Park Public School as one of the oldest public schools in New South Wales, having been established in 1890. I note the long history of Bossley Park Public School and the impact it has had on the Bossley Park community. It provided an alternative school in 1890, so that primary school-aged students would not have to walk several kilometres to school, it was a hub for community volunteer activity throughout the twentieth century, and it has educated thousands of children over many generations from Bossley Park and its surrounding suburbs. I also recognise the importance of public education in New South Wales. I commend the organisers of Bossley Park Public School's anniversary celebration and the principal of Bossley Park Public School, Mr Graeme Brims.

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