Chaldean Australian Society

Dr HUGH McDERMOTT (Prospect) [1.41 p.m.], by leave: It was my pleasure to host the Chaldean Australian Society on 8 May 2015, and then to be hosted by the society on 20 May this year. Since 1993 the Chaldean Australian Society has supported the settlement of Chaldeans into Australian society and has a community-based, not-for-profit organisation to serve the Chaldean community in New South Wales. 

The Chaldean Australian Society addresses the settlement needs of the increasing numbers of Chaldeans arriving in Australia under humanitarian entry and family reunion, with the majority settling in the Fairfield, Liverpool, Mount Druitt and south-western Sydney areas. The Chaldean Australian Society maintains a Chaldean culture and at the same time assists Chaldeans to engage with Australian society. The society welcomes and helps locals and others who are in need of its services. I congratulate the Chaldean Australian Society and look forward to working with the society as the member for Prospect.

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