Fairfield Electorate Transport Access Program

Dr HUGH McDERMOTT (Prospect) [12.55 p.m.]: I support the motion moved by the member for Fairfield on the application of the easy access program to railway stations in his electorate. Many of the railway stations in the electorate of Fairfield, especially Carramar, Villawood, Canley Vale and Yennora, are used by residents who live in the seat of Prospect. That includes the elderly, young families with prams—such as my wife, with our two children—and the mobility impaired. At the stations I have mentioned as well as at Fairfield and those in the electorate of Prospect, including Toongabbie and Pendle Hill, there is no easy access.

The member for Drummoyne states that the Government has done great things and put in a fantastic ramp and handrails at Canley Vale station. The problem is that people can get up to the station but cannot get onto the platform. What is the point of what the Government has done? It is a half-baked solution from the Government, which has not spent the necessary amount of money to help residents. If the member for Drummoyne would come and look at the station, he would be able to see that.

TEMPORARY SPEAKER (Mr Lee Evans): Order! I remind the member for Prospect not to engage with the member for Drummoyne across the Chamber. He should direct his remarks through the Chair.

Dr HUGH McDERMOTT: I apologise, Mr Temporary Speaker. The Government has made many promises. My favourite promise relates to Pendle Hill station where, every morning, the elderly and parents with young children—including my wife and two children—struggle up the ramp.

Mr Ray Williams: Point of order: My point of order relates to relevance, under Standing Order 76. Pendle Hill station does not form part of the motion. I ask that the member for Prospect be drawn back to the leave of the motion.

TEMPORARY SPEAKER (Mr Lee Evans): Order! The discussion today has been open and far-reaching, but I ask the member for Prospect to return to the leave of the motion.

Dr HUGH McDERMOTT: I will provide an illustration of the easy access problem. I am sure the Minister has heard of similar experiences at Villawood or Canley Vale. My wife is a prime example of someone having difficulty with access. She struggles up the ramp at Pendle Hill with our two children. When she reaches the top of the ramp there is no easy way to get onto the platform so she has to ask strangers to help her. The Minister has promised upgrades to that station but has done nothing.

Mr Ray Williams: Point of order: My point of order again relates to relevance, under Standing Order 76. In drawing the attention of the House to relevance, I follow the lead of the mover of the motion. There is no mention of the wife of the member for Prospect or Pendle Hill station in the motion. I draw attention to Standing Order 76 because of the points of order taken by the member for Fairfield.

TEMPORARY SPEAKER (Mr Lee Evans): Order! I ask the member for Prospect to return to the leave of the motion.

Dr HUGH McDERMOTT: I do not appreciate Government members wasting my time by taking points of order. Members opposite forget that many residents in the Prospect and Fairfield electorates share a train station, whether it is Pendle Hill, Villawood, Fairfield or any other station. But the Government does not care about that. The Government said it would spend lots of money but no dates have been given and no money in the budget has been designated to set stations. Once again, train stations in Prospect, Fairfield and other parts of Western Sydney have been neglected.

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