Member for Tweed, Geoff Provest is one of three Parliamentary committee chairs who are yet to start a single inquiry after a year on the job despite being paid thousands of dollars in extra entitlements.

 Mr Provest has already been paid $19,160 for his role in addtion to his generous base salary of $153,280 and over $400,000 in allowances and entitlements, despite not doing anythingas Chair of the Law and Safety Committee.

The NSW Wastewatch Committee has recently completed an analysis of the activity of the Baird-Grant-appointed NSW Parliamentary Committees since the 2015 election. Committees were assessed by the number of inquiries commenced, hearings held and the content of any reports published.

Mr Provest's committee has responsibility for the departments of the Attorney-General, Corrections, Emergency Services, Justice, Police, Racing; and Veterans Affairs.


Quotes attributable to Wastewatch Committee Chair, Dr Hugh McDermott MP:


"Taxpayers in NSW expect that politicians do the work they are paid for."


"Mr Provest is equal last in terms of performance in his role. He owes an apology to the people of NSW and Tweed."


Quotes attributable to Labor Duty MLC for Tweed, Hon. Walt Secord:


"Only a minority of Committee Chairs have completed reports, however only three of the state’s worst performers have done absolutely nothing."


"Mr Provest has done no inquiries, no hearings and no reports. But he has still sent a $20,000 bill to the taxpayers of NSW."


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