Member for Seven Hills and Hills Shire Councillor, Mark Taylor MP is receiving an additional allowance of $4,415 each year for being a member of the Mike Baird-appointed State Parliamentary Public Accounts Committee (PAC) despite doing little work.

The NSW Wastewatch Committee has recently completed an analysis of the activity of Baird-appointed NSW Parliamentary Committees. Committees were assessed by the number of inquiries commenced, hearings held and the content of any reports published.

The PAC is the only NSW Parliamentary Committee that ensures that every one of its members receives some form of extra payment for participation regardless of how little work they do.

Mr Taylor’s Committee has only started one inquiry – a review of Public Housing contracts in NSW. After a year since the committee’s members were appointed, the first hearing will commence on Monday 9 May – less than a month after Mr Taylor was embarrassed by an article in the Daily Telegraph.

Despite Mr Taylor’s poor performance, he is not alone. A recent Wastewatch investigation has revealed that out of the 21 Parliamentary Committees, only six have completed reports.


Quotes attributable to Wastewatch Committee Chair, Dr Hugh McDermott MP:


"There are single mums in Seven Hills that have to work more than 240 hours to get that kind of money whereas Mr Taylor only has to attend a handful of meetings.


"It’s no wonder people from his electorate, which has a huge social housing community come to see me instead of Mr Taylor."


Quotes attributable to Labor Duty MLC for Seven Hills, Hon. Peter Primrose:


""This is a plum appointment that nets Mr Taylor $4,415 a year. It’s a disgrace and Mr Taylor should be ashamed."


"He has done nothing to solve the social housing crisis in NSW, despite being in a position to do something about it."



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