Parks Community Network Inc.

Dr HUGH McDERMOTT (Prospect) [5.04 p.m.]: I commend the Parks Community Network Inc., a fantastic organisation based in the Prospect electorate that I am proud to represent. The Parks Community Network Inc. was established 21 years ago with the vision of alleviating hardship and need through direct benevolent programs in our community. Currently, it is engaged with local stakeholders to provide services in communities in Western Sydney for those suffering from poverty, distress, destitution, misfortune, loneliness and helplessness. The network also provides support and practical help to people in crisis and to disadvantaged communities, individuals and families through the development and coordination of community programs. I especially congratulate 2015-16 board members Jiajun Ding, Janet Youil, Jacqueline Harborne, Nalim Ram, Janet Thorley, Peggy Borwn and Fayez Nour. I also acknowledge the amazing work done in our community by volunteers Mathew Dillon, Sandra Fraser, Lubna Imran, Bin Hui Wang, Amira Isaa and Tatijana Colevska.

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