Smithfield Public School

Dr HUGH McDERMOTT (Prospect) [1.24 p.m.]: Smithfield Public School is a wonderful school in the electorate of Prospect. It is one of New South Wales' oldest schools, having opened in 1850. On 5 February I was pleased to have attended Smithfield Public School's leadership presentation ceremony. Smithfield's dedication to learning and encouraging leadership is truly commendable, and I congratulate the new leaders on their positions. I also commend the staff of Smithfield Public School, whose tireless efforts make it not only a good school but also a focal point of the community. In particular, I commend the principal, Cheryl McBride, OAM. Ms McBride has been a teacher for 37 years and has gone above the call of duty to speak out against the impact of drugs, domestic violence and abuse. She has even rescued some of her most vulnerable students by taking them to hospital when their parents were drug affected. Her work has been a positive influence on thousands of young lives. Both Smithfield Public School and the Smithfield community are lucky to have Ms McBride and her teaching staff.

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