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The Carr that skittled Kevin

by Richard Laidlaw

Appointing Bob Carr as foreign minister-designate – ahead of the New South Wales parliament formally electing him to the vacancy caused by the unexpected departure of no longer faceless man Mark Arbib – may be just what Prime Minister Julia Gillard needed as a circuit-breaker.

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Top 10 actions showing the O'Farrell Government cannot be trusted

This month will be 12 months since the election of the O'Farrell government.

These are the top 10 actions that have demonstrated to me why the O'Farrell government cares little for the most vulnerable and cannot be trusted:

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More Wrecking From Abbott

by Mark Dreyfus 

Of all the objectionable lies that Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has told, the latest load of nonsense about repealing the Clean Energy Future is the most damaging to Australia.

Business enterprise flourishes in an environment of certainty and predictability.The Gillard government has worked hard to provide business with the certainty to invest and innovate in a carbon constrained global economy.

The Clean Energy Future Package supports long-term investment because it uses the power of the market to achieve emissions cuts along a predictable trajectory. A trajectory that extends out to 2050, a necessary timeframe for business to invest in assets that may have a lifetime of 30 years or more.

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Abbott out of step on carbon

by Matt Grudnoff

The list of friends for Tony Abbott's Direct Action Plan continues to shrink. The Australian Industry Greenhouse Network (AIGN) which co-ordinates, among others, the mining and manufacturing industry's response to climate change issues has rejected the Opposition's plan saying it would cost far more than the Coalition has claimed. Opposition Leader Tony Abbott responded by saying that the amount of money they would spend on direct action was capped.

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The politics and promises of O'Farrell's first budget

by Kristina Keneally




The key to understanding the O'Farrell Government's first budget is to follow the politics.

Every politician is interested in the politics of any given situation. But Barry O'Farrell is all about the politics, obsessed actually, and damn the facts.

The Premier and his Treasurer, Mike Baird, began the budget process back in April with a lie: that there is a $5.2 billion "black hole" in the budget, left by Labor, and that Labor had "cooked the books".

Four independent reports have ripped this claim to shreds. Two of the most damning come from the O'Farrell Government's own report on state finances, the Lambert Report, and the Parliamentary Budget Office.

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Let's not revive the ill-conceived Pacific Solution

By James Dunn

The High Court's decision on the sending of asylum seekers to Malaysia has apparently brought a welcome end to an ill-conceived and mismanaged policy. It cut across our commitment to international human rights, and is endangering the Gillard government. The Court's position is a welcome change to Australia's political commitment to these humanitarian standards inspired by the Universal Declaration proclaimed in 1948 which has been uncertain and uneven, contrary to the boast of our politicians in international forums. In the circumstances it is encouraging that the risks involved in the Malaysian solution were apparently too serious for our High Court judges to let it pass. The judgement should also make it impossible for the Government to consider the Nauru Pacific Solution that Mr. Abbott regrettably continues to brandish.

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For Labor's asylum seekers policy, there's only one solution

By Mick Power

How should the Gillard Government react to their latest challenge, delivered this time by the High Court's judgment on the Malaysia Solution? In the tight spot they're already in, sitting on a 27% primary vote and staring down a difficult fight on the carbon price, what to do about this latest policy dilemma?

The right thing, of course. Right now, there's nothing else they can do.

Saturday's headlines reported Tony Abbott calling Gillard to join him in a bipartisan return to the Pacific Solution, processing asylum seekers on Nauru and Manus Island. Some unnamed Labor backbenchers have even gone so far as to suggest that a return to temporary protection visas is the way forward.

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What Federal Labor Must Do

by Bob Carr


The NSW experience showed that the public has no tolerance for successive changes in a party’s leadership. Changing leaders is now a political cliché, nothing more than a knee-jerk response to bad polls. The public won’t buy it.

You cannot throw a new leader – without preparation, mentoring, coaching or plain old fashioned political blooding – into a leadership breach and expect him or her to reverse the party’s fortunes.

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Media Alert: Norway, Australia and far-Right Christian jihad

A Charles Sturt University (CSU) academic says that the extremist terrorist attacks in Norway on the weekend targeted people with moderate, mainstream political beliefs, and this should be a focus for both security agencies and public debate in Australia.
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Asylum and refugee politics torment Australian Labor

by David Hetherington

Asylum and refugee politics drives a wedge through the left’s core constituencies, opening the floor for a debate driven by fear and xenophobia. It’s the issue that never goes away, one which bedevils 21st century social democratic parties around the world. The treatment of asylum seekers is a minefield for progressive politics, splitting the twin bases on which social democrat electoral success has historically been constructed.

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