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The cost of inaction on carbon emissions

by David Leigh


With so much deliberately generated uncertainty on climate change and the extenuation of same, it is little wonder that the polls show poor support for the Multi Party Committee on Climate Change (MPCCC) decision to introduce a carbon tax. The Liberal National Coalition decided not to participate and yet its’ leader, Tony Abbott has made it his prime objective to destroy the work of the MPCCC. There have been bold statements about Australia’s premature action. According to Mr Abbott, nobody else is doing anything to mitigate climate change.

One of the countries touted by the Opposition as inactive is the U.K. and yet Britain has just presented its 4th Carbon Budget. The follow up to that is the white paper “Planning Our Electric Future”.

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Abbott's direct action plan on carbon is friendless

by Matt Grudnoff






With the release of the Gillard Government's plan for reducing greenhouse gas emissions we can finally compare the government's carbon price with the Coalition's Direct Action Plan. Two different policies with the same goal, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by five per cent on 2000 levels by 2020. While large amounts have been written about a carbon price, relatively little attention has been given to the Coalition's policy.

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100 days of Barry O'Fail.

By: John Robertson

Premier O'Farrell has spent his first 100 days in Government doing everything he said he wouldn’t – attacking worker rights, proposing retrospective legislation and avoiding independent scrutiny.

Opposition Leader John Robertson marked the Government's first 100 days at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital with nurses whose wages and conditions are under threat from the Premier's unprecedented workplace laws.

"It has been 100 days of failures from the O'Farrell Government," Opposition Leader John Robertson said.

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Plebiscites and conscience votes: Playing the democracy card

By John Warhurst


Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s ill-fated bill to put the government’s carbon tax to a plebiscite within 90 days came to nothing. No matter how clever a move it might have seemed, he jumped ahead of himself in the same way that Greg Combet did when he announced an advertising budget for a tax that had not yet been announced. The plebiscite move turned out to be too clever by half.

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by Kimberley Ramplin

In previous posts on the state on NSW politics, I largely focused on what I knew best – the decade I had spent as a Labor staffer.  Today, I turn my attention to the O’Farrell government, because today, my worst fears about the crushing victory Premier Barry O’Farrell secured in March 2011 have been realised.

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