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Five Key Elements to Promoting an Innovation Culture in Government

by Vicki Sellick

Ask a passerby to name an innovative organization and a familiar list soon appears: Apple, 3M, Google, eBay, etc. Less known are the innovative agencies in the public sector focused on finding new and better ways to tackle social issues such as crime, poverty, and educational underachievement.

The Centre for American  Progress has analysed the tenacious leadership of New York City’s mayor, new funding streams created by the US Department of Education’s Office of Innovation, and incentives deployed by the United Kingdom’s Greater Manchester area to ensure that only the most successful programs addressing criminal justice are adopted.

As we explored how these agencies and others have promoted a culture of innovation, there emerged five ingredients necessary for an innovation culture in the public sector:

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A Better Way to Fix Lobbying

by Lee Drutman, Adjunct Professor, the University of California’s Washington Semester Program, The Brookings Institution.

That Washington is corrupted by special interests is perhaps the most common critique of the federal government. Poll after poll reveal a public convinced that lobbyists are a destructive influence, and most lobbying reform ideas accordingly take a distinctly moralizing tone. 

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Establishing local leadership and strong policy


Seventy four years ago the eminent Professor FA Bland called for local government to be led by one of the "strongest" ministers. Forty years later the local government historian Frederick Larcombe condemned the "'stop-go' tactics by alternate politically opposed governments (which have) contributed greatly towards the present ineffectiveness of the local government system".

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