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A Layman’s Guide to the Left’s Economic Debate

By George Irvin

In the UK, a loose knit collection of left-wing academics, NGO heads, journalists and others is currently discussing a left alternative to Osborne’s increasingly disastrous Plan A. While all are agreed that Osborne has got it terribly wrong, there is less agreement about the nature of a truly different Plan B. Should one argue for slowing the pace of fiscal contraction, but at a pace which will not frighten the financial markets – a sort of Darling-lite budget – or should one press ahead full-steam for growth, arguing that this alone will restore budgetary health?

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Blairite wing of the UK Labour Party launch "Purple Book" of modernising ideas to put pressure on Ed Miliband

By Mark Ferguson / @markfergusonuk

There's a great scoop by Rachel Sylvester in The Times (£) today, about plans for Progress and others associated with New Labour to publish a "Purple Book" of modernising ideas, similar to the Lib Dem "Orange Book" once published by those around Nick Clegg. But whatever you do, don't call these people "Blairites" - this seems to be an attempt not only to rebrand New Labour ideas without Blair attached to them, but also to reframe New Labour for the 21st century.

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Economic Democracy: An Idea Whose Time Has Come, Again?

By Richard Hyman

‘There can be no return to business as usual’: this was the unanimous trade union response to the global crisis. For a time in early 2009, the legitimacy of capitalism was itself questioned in unexpected quarters

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Spain’s Socialists Prepare For Life After Zapatero

Frontrunners from different political generations compete to win the party leadership as Zapatero prepares his legacy.

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