Hugh McDermott has been invited to chair the NSW Opposition’s Wastewatch Committee by NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley.

The Wastewatch Committee identifies failures in the Baird Government’s spending of taxpayer money and holds Ministers accountable for their spending blunders.

The Baird Government’s financial waste has had a particularly bad impact on the people of NSW.

Wastewatch continues to highlight the whopping $578 million the Department of Education has spent on the LMBR scheme bungle.

Dr McDermott points out that the urgently needed Fairfield Hospital emergency room upgrade could have been done 33 times over with the money wasted by the Baird Government on this IT program blowout.

Furthermore, Girraween High School's consistent power outages - that regularly interrupt classes -could have been fixed with the money spent on the ill-fated Opal Man and Stoner Sloth campaigns.

Dr McDermott will shine a light on taxpayer money that has been squandered by the Baird administration.


Quotes attributable to Wastewatch Committee Chair Hugh McDermott


"I am honoured to have the responsibility of holding the Baird Government to account. The Baird Government will no longer get away with a blank cheque.


"Taxpayers are losing millions of their hard-earned dollars to the Baird Government’s idiotic ideas like Opal Man and Stoner Sloth.


"Health, Education, Transport and the public’s safety should not have to miss out on funding because of the Baird Government’s poor fiscal mismanagement."


Quotes attributable to Leader of the Opposition Luke Foley


"Dr McDermott has proven himself as a formidable opponent of Premier Mike Baird and his Government.


"The Wastewatch Committee will expose the Baird Government’s mismanagement of taxpayer money and Hugh will continue his great work"


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