Today Hugh McDermott MP, Chair of the NSW Opposition’s Wastewatch Committee has written to the Department of Parliamentary Services requesting an audit of all Electorate Office spending by Jillian Skinner MP since she announced her intention to resign from the NSW Parliament on 27 January.  

Mrs Skinner has failed to submit her official resignation to the Parliament this week, unlike former Premier Mike Baird and Gosford MP Kathy Smith, who have also resigned from the Parliament.


Mrs Skinner has also failed to attend the sitting of Parliament for the entire week.


Government sources speculate that the reasons for Mrs Skinner’s unprecedented no show include waiting for a new job offer, influencing the upcoming North Shore preselection or failing to accept defeat.



Quotes attributable to NSW Wastewatch Committee Chair, Dr Hugh McDermott MP:


“Mrs Skinner has obviously left the job of representing the people of NSW since her resignation. I am concerned that she is continuing to spend taxpayer money


“As Mrs Skinner has not officially resigned she is still entitled to access a communications budget and ‘electoral allowance’ worth over $100,000


 “The expenses of Mrs Skinner need to be audited to guarantee that taxpayer money has not been spent on attempts to get up her preferred candidate for Liberal preselection


“Taxpayers also need to be guaranteed that money is spent on their interests, not the interests of Liberal Party apparatchiks but the families of NSW.”

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