What's the NSW Labor Opposition been up to over the past fortnight?

NSW Labor has begun taking the fight to the O'Farrell Government.  This week's actions include:

  • The Opposition introduced legislation to force the Government to put any proposal for electricity privatisation to the Parliament.
  • Shadow Minister for Regional Infrastructure & Services, Mick Veitch exposed the Regional Relocation Grant scheme as a big flop.
  • Shadow Treasurer, Michael Daley said that Barry O'Farrell's proposal to hike the GST from its current rate of 10 percent shows breathtaking disregard for families.
  • Shadow Education Minister, Carmel Tebbutt said that the O'Farrell Government has failed to guarantee academics and students a stronger voice on university boards.
  • Shadow Environment Minister, Luke Foley, said the Opposition would not support the O'Farrell Government's legislation to delay national park declarations at the Yathong and Wilbertroy State Forests.
  • Shadow Minister for Families and Community Services, Barbara Perry, exposed the move to cut allowances for foster parents who adopt a child in their care.
  • The Opposition supported legislation to make sure NSW families know eggs they are buying are accurately labelled as free range, barn, organic or caged eggs.

 Meanwhile, the Government continues its attacks on workers in this state:

  • By closing the Cronulla Fisheries Centre and slashing 147 jobs,
  • As well as their surprise attack on the wages and conditions of 10,000 TAFE teachers - by introducing new laws to remove them from the State Industrial Relations system.

 And the Government keeps on breaking their own election promises, including:

  • Deliberately misleading the public over its electricity dividend broken promise,
  • Failing to protect Central Coast waterways – with the Government admitting it will reconsider a proposal to revive the Wallarah 2 coalmine plan, and
  • Delaying the connection of 820 south west Sydney households to the sewerage network.