Shadow Minster for Roads Jodi McKay has joined Western Sydney MPs today, along the M4, to urge motorists to make a submission to an upcoming inquiry into road tolling in NSW.


The Upper House inquiry will look at how tolls are set, including how the fee, duration and increases are determined. It will take submissions until 28 February 2017.

It come as Western Sydney motorists continue to get stung by tolls day in and day out and brace for a new toll on the M4, with little information available to the public about how tolls are set.


With nine new toll roads on the horizon for Sydney (NorthConnex, Western Harbour Tunnel, Beaches Link Toll Road, F6 Extension, M4 Widening, M4 East Tunnel, M5 East Duplication, M5 Tunnel, M4 to M5 link), now it is more important than ever to get the tolling system right.


NSW Labor has a Tolling Transparency policy, which calls for:

  • IPART to approve all future tolling contracts as being in the public interest;
  • Tolls not to rise above CPI;
  • The Auditor-General to review all pre-existing road toll contracts; and
  • Toll free periods on all new toll roads.


Western Sydney residents will be hit hardest when the NSW Government re-introduces a toll on the M4 this year. The toll will be capped at $4.21 which means a regular commuter from Penrith to the CBD will be slugged more $2,189 per year.


Labor abolished the previous toll on the M4 in 2010. The new toll is a 53 per cent increase on the toll Labor abolished.


Quotes attributable to Shadow Minister for Roads Jodi McKay


Now is the chance for Western Sydney motorists to have their say about the tolls they are being slugged with.


“The Government has an agenda to impose new and higher tolls on NSW roads and now they will have to justify how they determine the cost and duration of those tolls.


“Labor got rid of this toll on Western Sydney and the Liberals are bringing the M4 toll back - at a much higher cost.”


Quotes attributable to Member for Granville Julia Finn


“I have heard an overwhelming response from the community about the unpopular and unfair new M4 toll.


Granville motorists are sick of being gouged and many simply cannot afford an extra $45 a week to get to and from work.”


Quotes attributable to Member for Prospect Hugh McDermott


Families from Prospect have to pay to get where they need to be — whether they’re driving to work or visiting their family on the weekend — and they shouldn’t have to keep paying more.


“I urge motorists the get their submissions in and have their voice heard to the unfair tolling system that hits Western Sydney the hardest.”

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