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NSW Labor calls for dedicated palliative care ward at Westmead Hospital

NSW Labor is calling for more funding and resourcing to be dedicated to palliative care at Westmead Hospital.

Westmead Hospital complex is the biggest health precinct in the Southern Hemisphere yet does not service our community with a dedicated palliative care ward.

Just seven beds are dedicated in the Oncology Department for Palliative Care, but these are frequently used for other patients limiting Westmead’s resourcing to Palliative Care patients.

Western Sydney continues to fall behind with palliative care with no dedicated wards at Westmead, Auburn, Fairfield, Blacktown, Campbelltown or Nepean Hospitals.

Representing NSW Labor yesterday, Shadow Health Minister, Ryan Park and State Member for Prospect, Hugh McDermott joined members of Westmead Push for Palliative Care, a community group that is fighting for a dedicated palliative care ward at Westmead Hospital.

Shadow Health Minister Ryan Park said: “The lack of funding and resourcing by this Government for palliative care is astounding.

“It is a critical part of our Healthcare System and this Government is turning a blind eye on Western Sydney, leaving families to take on a lot of responsibility, at a very difficult period in their lives.

“Westmead Precinct is meant to be the Government’s flagship Hospital, yet we can see that there is no desire to properly resource palliative care and it’s the people of Western Sydney who are impacted.

“The NSW Government must commit to properly invest in palliative care and make sure that Western Sydney doesn’t continue to be left behind, which only continues to hurt families across the region.

“Westmead Hospital must immediately invest in palliative care and ensure not a day longer goes by when we let down our community by not supporting them in their time of need.”

State Member for Prospect, Hugh McDermott said: “Palliative care is a massive issue in Western Sydney.

“I have heard incredibly moving stories of families who have struggled to care for loved a one when they have not been able to get the palliative support they need at Westmead Hospital.

“Having a loved one enter the end of life stage is incredibly distressing, made only worse by the fact patients and families are frequently shuffled from ward to ward and Hospital to Hospital.

“Frankly we need to be doing better for our community, at the end of their lives and I call on the Government to invest in a dedicated palliative care ward at Westmead Hospital.”

Thursday, 4 March 2021

Media Contact: 0400 834 493 (PARK)

0411 794 330 (MCDERMOTT)

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