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New Laws introduced to NSW Parliament that will improve child safety

I am pleased to introduce a Bill to the Parliament of NSW that will improve the safety of children and pedestrians in school zones.

The Road Transport Amendment (Prohibition of U-Turns and 3-Point Turns) Bill 2021 will prohibit conducting U-Turns and 3-Point Turns in the vicinity of school zones during drop off and pick up times.

As the law currently stands, U-Turns and 3-Point Turns are permitted in school zones in certain circumstances. This allows drivers to make dangerous manoeuvres such as backing into driveways where pedestrians are walking and conduct 3-point turns over child safety crossings.

I have been contacted by local police officers, local government traffic enforcement offices, teachers and parents who are all concerned with pedestrian safety around our schools.

Improving the safety of our children must be a top priority for the NSW Government.

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