State Infrastructure

Dr HUGH McDERMOTT ( Prospect ) ( 16:02 ): I oppose this arrogant and dishonest motion put forward by the Government and the member for Hornsby. This is typical hollow infrastructure that this disgusting Government, the Baird Government and its policies, is pushing. It is all show but no substance. It builds a monolith to this Government's arrogance and ego. It is infrastructure spending on a grandiose scale while building projects vitally needed by people in New South Wales are ignored. Let us look at those vital projects. The Minister loves to get up here and say that he is spending so much money on schools. The reality is there have been cuts and if it was not for Gonski next to nothing would be spent on schools in New South Wales.

Where is the money for schools that have full enrolments, the money to get rid of demountables and put in proper infrastructure? Where is the money for air-conditioning for most of the schools in New South Wales or money to fix up the maintenance backlogs? The money is going on the Government's egotistical, grandiose schemes—shallow and hollow pieces of infrastructure. One should not forget the limited funding for special needs classes so desperately needed throughout New South Wales, especially in Western Sydney. I turn now to hospitals. The Government loves to build the monoliths; they are going to do ghost wards at Blacktown and Mona Vale hospitals. There is no public infrastructure funding for Fairfield Hospital in the last two budgets, nor for Bankstown Hospital in the last budget. Another $300 million is needed for Nepean yet only $1 million was allocated. That amount will not help the people of New South Wales.

I turn now to the Government's track record on transport. It has put tolls on the M4 when it promised no new tolls; it is a government of tolls. The tolls are rigged to rise by 4 per cent per year, up from the consumer price index, which is currently 1 per cent. Tolls will exist until 2060. The next generation, our children, will inherit these tolls for the next 42 years—more than $2,000 annually a year, which will penalise hardworking families, tradespeople and commuters. I refer also to the long list of transport infrastructure and other cost blowouts: WestConnex, $6.8 billion; Parramatta Light Rail, $2 billion; Sydney Metro, $1.5 billion; the Intercity Train Fleet, $1.1 billion; CBD Light Rail, $600 million; the Learning Management and Business Reform, $269 million, which could have been spent fixing up schools; Northern Beaches B-Line, $290 million; the Opal card system, $63 million; the North West Rail Link Skytrain, $49.7 million; Nepean Green Bridge, $29 million and Tibby Cotter Bridge, $13 million. This is the mismanagement and incompetence of the Baird Government.

The member for Hornsby has said that Labor in government did nothing. I will outline Labor's track record; I will give the truth rather the arrogance displayed by the Government. Under Labor public transport projects included the Chatswood to Epping rail line, the Olympic Park rail line, the inner west rail line, Central to Lilyfield and initiating the Dulwich Hill extension, the rail clearways project, the Parramatta-Rouse Hill T-way, the Parramatta-Liverpool T-way, the Millennium and Waratah carriages, the introduction of Metrobus services, introduction of cleaner compressed natural gas vehicles into the bus fleet and commencement of the south west rail line, just to name a few. Labor also completed the airport rail line. This Government is on its way out. This Government is a rotting corpse and is starting to smell. It showed at the by-elections on the weekend and I am looking forward to watching a few more members of this Government fall in the next two years. There will be by-elections and they will be thrown out as well. I look forward to watching them all lose their jobs in 2019.

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